The Avon Weirs

Remnants of the river's industrial heritage

Shaping the Landscape: Thank the Rocks for the Trains

How geology led to the first local train lines

The Orchards of Lanark So Fair

An archaeology of fruit

Shaping the Landscape: Chatelherault and the Avon Gorge

A quintessential part of the area's mining history

Trig Points: The Basis for Modern Mapping

Part of the Mapping the Past trail

Black Hill: More than just a Viewpoint

Part of the Mapping the Past trail

Make Your Way: Journey Boxes, Stonehouse

Kate McAllan and Martyn McKenzie - artist residency

Glorious Gardens: Cambusnethan

A disappearing treasure of the Clyde Valley

Apple Day album

Clyde and Avon Valley fruit heritage turned into song

Shaping the Landscape: Sampson's Slingstane and Fiddler Burn

A mysterious boulder perched on a steep sandstone cliff

Shaping the Landscape: Black Hill and Stonebyres Quarry

Hill formed from cooling magma providing great geological look out

Chatelherault Hunting Lodge

Leopards and hounds at a grand folly

Treasured Remains - Historical Kirkyards

The historic kirkyards of the Clyde and Avon Valley

Glorious Gardens: Harperfield

A country house - with lions

Jookers Johnnie, Lanark

What's in a name?

Glorious Gardens: Baronald House

The Echo in the Crags and the Botanist

Forests of the Valleys

Trees have a big part to play in the Clyde ...

Jacob's Ladder

A steep descent to the pits

Guide to Re-Photography

Exploring our Landscape

Shaping the Landscape: Stonebyres Falls

Giant rock steps over which the Clyde tumbles

Shaping the Landscape: The Falls of Clyde

Dramatic falls show the power of ancient glaciers

The valley of the glasshouses

From Hot Houses to Garden Centres

Shaping the Landscape: RSPB Scotland Baron's Haugh

Created by mining subsidence, now a haven for wildlife

Shaping the Landscape: Lower Nethan Gorge

Ancient river deltas and swampy forests

Make Your Way: Brick Making, Carluke

Kevin Morris - artist residency

Glorious Gardens: The Kerse

Still a pleasure walk today

The industrial valleys

Industry in the Clyde and Avon Valleys

Glorious Gardens: Jerviswood

A beautiful and productive landscape on the outskirts of Lanark

North Lodge Bridge, New Lanark

A gateway between ways of life

Shaping the Landscape: Morgan Glen & Millheugh to Fairholm

Subtle valleys exposing the stone through which the river cuts

From Sheep to Shawl

A Guide to the Textile Heritage of the Clyde Valley

Designing the Landscape: Chatelherault

Part of the Mapping the Past trail

Glorious Gardens: Cleghorn Estate

A landscape of magnificent trees

Bonnington Pavilion, the 'Hall of Mirrors'

A view of Corra Linn, with a difference

Getting Around

A Brief History of Transport in the Clyde and Avon ...

Shaping the Landscape: Cartland Craigs & Cleghorn Glen

A deep gorge, a castle and the highest bridge in ...

Shaping the Landscape: Threepwood Quarry

Stoop and room workings to extract high quality sandstone

Collieries: Mapping Underground

Part of the Mapping the Past trail

Making a Medieval Tile

Celebrating the Brick and Tile Industry of the Clyde and ...

Cleghorn Roman Camp

Part of the Mapping the Past trail

Milton Head: the Birthplace of Modern Mapping

Part of the Mapping the Past trail


Expressive Mapping in the Clyde and Avon Valley


Collaborative Mapping in the Clyde and Avon Valley