The elephant in the close, Lanark

Make Your Way Lanark Artist Residency

Memories of the textile trade in Larkhall

Make Your Way Larkhall Artist Residency

The Orchards of Lanark So Fair

An archaeology of fruit

Black Hill: More than just a Viewpoint

Part of the Mapping the Past trail

Journey Boxes in Stonehouse

Make Your Way Stonehouse Artist Residency

Tasting Through Time

Historic apple, plum and pear recipes

Apple Day album

Clyde and Avon Valley fruit heritage turned into song

Shaping the Landscape: Sampson's Slingstane and Fiddler Burn

A mysterious boulder perched on a steep sandstone cliff

Forests of the Valleys

Trees have a big part to play in the Clyde ...

Jacob's Ladder

A steep descent to the pits

Guide to Re-Photography

Exploring our Landscape

Shaping the Landscape: The Falls of Clyde

Dramatic falls show the power of ancient glaciers

Shaping the Landscape: Lower Nethan Gorge

Ancient river deltas and swampy forests

The industrial valleys

Industry in the Clyde and Avon Valleys

North Lodge Bridge, New Lanark

A gateway between ways of life

Local Landscape Heroes

Digital Art Trial

Glorious Gardens: The Kerse

Still a pleasure walk today

Glorious Gardens: Harperfield

A country house - with lions

Glorious Gardens: Cleghorn Estate

A landscape of magnificent trees

Glorious Gardens: Baronald House

The Echo in the Crags and the Botanist

The Avon Weirs

Remnants of the river's industrial heritage

Glorious Gardens: Jerviswood

A beautiful and productive landscape on the outskirts of Lanark

Glorious Gardens: Cambusnethan

A disappearing treasure of the Clyde Valley

Bonnington Pavilion, the 'Hall of Mirrors'

A view of Corra Linn, with a difference

Getting Around

A Brief History of Transport in the Clyde and Avon ...

Shaping the Landscape: Thank the Rocks for the Trains

How geology led to the first local train lines

Shaping the Landscape: Morgan Glen & Millheugh to Fairholm

Subtle valleys exposing the stone through which the river cuts

Making a Medieval Tile

Celebrating the Brick and Tile Industry of the Clyde and ...

Shaping the Landscape: Cartland Craigs & Cleghorn Glen

A deep gorge, a castle and the highest bridge in ...

Shaping the Landscape: Stonebyres Falls

Giant rock steps over which the Clyde tumbles

From Sheep to Shawl

A Guide to the Textile Heritage of the Clyde Valley

The valley of the glasshouses

From Hot Houses to Garden Centres

Shaping the Landscape: Threepwood Quarry

Stoop and room workings to extract high quality sandstone

Shaping the Landscape: Chatelherault and the Avon Gorge

A quintessential part of the area's mining history

Shaping the Landscape: Black Hill and Stonebyres Quarry

Hill formed from cooling magma providing great geological look out

Shaping the Landscape: RSPB Scotland Baron's Haugh

Created by mining subsidence, now a haven for wildlife

Trig Points: The Basis for Modern Mapping

Part of the Mapping the Past trail

Designing the Landscape: Chatelherault

Part of the Mapping the Past trail

Collieries: Mapping Underground

Part of the Mapping the Past trail

Cleghorn Roman Camp

Part of the Mapping the Past trail

Milton Head: the Birthplace of Modern Mapping

Part of the Mapping the Past trail


Expressive Mapping in the Clyde and Avon Valley


Collaborative Mapping in the Clyde and Avon Valley